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Free Shipping on Orders over $45 (USA ONLY)
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About BecKids: Jewelry 4 Kids


With over six generations of experience in the fine jewelry industry, we continue to implement the same techniques, craftsmanship and attention to detail in our collection of kids jewelry. 


BecKids started with the desire of one Mom to show her daughter, and later her granddaughters, of just how fun it is to wear and play dress up with jewelry. Jewelry has historically been something very personal, its a way of showing the outside world how you feel inside, and at BecKids we strive to design jewelry where kids can express their imagination and creativity in dressing themselves up, down and sideways as they want. 


We promise to design each piece fit for our own children and grandchildren. Completely free from toxic materials so that you can shop and play at ease with BecKids Jewelry! Our designer jewelry for girls is always made with elegant, playful and most importantly safe material and designs for young girls to comfortably play jewelry!