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Why Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for Girls!

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       We all want our kids to look great and enjoy the loving experience that comes with wearing jewelry. However, all parents face the question of whether they should let their kids wear jewelry, knowing full well that there is a chance their little loved one will lose it at school, at the park, in the pool...etc. So, even the cost and the alternatives to gifting jewelry, is jewelry still a good gift for young girls?

      Yes, yes absolutely yes! 

      BecKids was actually started to solve this very dilemma! As a mom, grandma and lifelong jewelry designer, I decided to create fashion jewelry for girls manufactured with the same process as in fine jewelry. Our enamel bangles for girls are a prime example of an elegant yet playful approach to kids jewelry that won't break the bank, and will be a beloved bracelet for both the parents and daughter!enamel bangle for girls

       Girls earrings were the first inspiration for creating an affordable luxury line for girls, since its the most asked for kids jewelry, the first gift for most new borns, and so easy to lose! Even adults lose earrings. For that we designed enamel stud earrings, like our lady bug earrings. We've even designed some stud earrings for girls with screw back posts so that the little ones won't take them off while playing! Our lovely screw back earrings for babies, toddlers and young girls use the same playful concepts, even though we do have a fine luxurious collection for those looking for a more classic look!

These 14k Gold Unicorn Earrings are a favorite!


The best part of it all, is that even though this is affordable jewelry for kids, we design everything the same way we would high end jewelry, so our pieces can last a lifetime if properly maintained! 

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