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What type of Earring is Best for my little Girl? Part 2

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Part 2: Butterfly Friction Back Post Earrings

As mentioned in a previous article, the screw back earring is a really fantastic option for a specific child and parent!

There are various styles that we offer here at BecKids, and each one serves a specific age group, usage and has different benefits.

Butterfly Friction Back Posts: The friction back butterfly posts are the most universal style. These earring backs consist of a flat plate with a hole the size of the post. It slides onto the post and goes against the ear. It has scrolls of metal that curve up and press against the postwith a light spring tension that holds the back in place. Because these use simple friction to cause resistance, they are also the easiest to put on and take off, making this earring style perfect for girls 6 and up, or more specifically perfect for girls who are ready to dress themselves and take care of their jewelry on their own. Perfect for teenage girls who constantly change their earrings, take them off for Gym, dance or swimming class...etc. The friction back posts are also great because they have a great deal of customized resistance against the ear, so that the stud earring stays put in its place. At BecKids, we create the backs a specific diameter so that they hold in place, but are still easy to take on and take off. The butterfly backs used at BecKids are larger than normal, but obviously not too large, so that they can firmly hold up against the ear and distribute the weight more evenly along the ear, preventing damage to the ear lobe from heaviness. What makes the friction back post earrings great is also that they can be worn as second piercings. For instance, these dainty silver star stud earrings for girls have butterfly backs but are also the perfect size for women who want a minimalist look. Explore a long list of butterfly back earrings HERE


My personal favorite is the 14k Gold Elephant Stud Earrings with friction back posts! Check them out HERE

PRO TIP: On young girls, especially toddlers, earrings should be rotated every few days to promote healthy movement and also to prevent infections. Never leave an earring in for more than a few days without rotating. Although your little one may toss and turn, and maybe even cry a little bit, it is important to keep the baby ear piercing clean. 



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