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What type of Earring is Best for my little Girl? Part 1

Part 1: The Girls Screw back earrings

You may be wondering which earring type is the best for young girls. The answer is..... it depends!

There are various styles that we offer here at BecKids, and each one serves a specific age group, usage and has different benefits.

SCREW BACK EARRINGS: The screw back safety post is a signature style of earrings from BecKids jewelry that we've incorporated into our collection because ultimately it provides the biggest peace of mind no matter the age! At its core, the screw back earring is designed to prevent a young toddler and baby from losing the earring. Because it screws in, it becomes very difficult for ordinary usage to cause the earrings to fall out. Even if a young girl plays with the earring throughout the day, the likelihood of her unscrewing it completely are highly unlikely. Another benefit of the screw back earring is that we design our classic earrings and fashion forward earrings with safety flat screw back posts to also prevent any pointy injury or discomfort to the baby, toddler or young girl. At first, we focused on elegant and classic earrings for girls with the screw back posts, but now we have over 200 exclusive designs with screw backs, ranging from unicorn earrings, to elephant earrings, diamond screw back earrings, to flower stud earrings! The amazing thing is that now even adults are using screw back earrings!



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