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Free Shipping on Orders over $45 (USA ONLY)
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BecKids Hypoallergenic Promise

18kt hypoallergenic jewelry

At the BecKids Collection, kids can play dress-up and parents can stay at ease knowing their little loved ones are safe. Our devotion to designing fine kids jewelry means that all of our pieces are lead free, nickel free and all other toxin free. All of our designs are intended to by hypoallergenic. 

Sterling Silver

Our Sterling Silver jewelry is designed mainly for girls and boys ages 5 and up! These designs are completely nickel and lead free and feature brilliant cubic zirconia stones. By the age of 5, most young kids will have no problem with Sterling Silver and their gold and rhodium platings.

14k Gold

Our 14k gold jewelry earrings for girls are crafted toxin free in Spain, Japan and Italy using only fully inspected metals that adhere to the strictest European Union standards... which are more stringent than those in the United States. We recommend 14kt gold earrings at the minimum for kids 1-5 years old. 

18k Gold

We decided to specialize in 18kt gold jewelry for kids because it was so difficult to find trustworthy jewelry gifts for newborns, toddlers and babies. Deciding to pierce a baby's ears is a big decision, and the last thing a mommy wants is to have her baby get an infection. 18kt gold earrings are the safest way to pierce a newborns ears without the risk of an allergic reaction. Our 18kt gold selection of kids jewelry is designed for moms, aunts, grandmas and friends to safely, confidently and elegantly adorn your little loved one. 

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