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Baby Safety Pins

baby shower kids jewelry safety pins

For over 50 years, we have designed safety pins for girls and safety pins for boys as the ultimate baby shower gift. These jewelry safety pins are designed to adorn a crib as a crib accessory, as a stroller safety pin accessory, or even as a pin for the baby pajamas(although we typically recommend leaving these on the babies under supervision aka for the picture : ) . 
- You will find that a lot of our safety pin brooch designs include some form of protection and good luck charms to protect against any evil spirits and just generally for good luck. Our first safety pin an 18k yellow gold safety pin brooch with a dangling hamsa hand and evil eye with natural sapphire stones. This design was made by FRANK RONAY - Jewelry House
- Our latest safety pin designs are made from solid 925 sterling silver with luscious blue and pink enamel, a dangling baby foot and an evil eye charm. These safety pins are lead and nickel free to prevent any sort of allergic reaction. You can find these lovely safety pins and perfect baby shower gifts here
- HAMSA and EVIL EYE PROTECTION: You will see that many of our safety pin jewelry include spiritual and playful charms.  Hamsa Hand - an open right hand, that is used as a sign of protection in many cultures throughout history, the Hamsa is believed to provide defense against the evil eye.
- Custom Baby Shower Jewelry: At BecKids, we specialize in custom jewelry for girls, so if you see any design and want a little engraving or a specific charm hung from a safety pin, you can always contact us directly for pricing! 

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